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Can Red Light Therapy Be Harmful?

Can Red Light Therapy Be Harmful?

When you hear anything about using a light directed at your skin, you probably have some concerns that pop up. Red Light Therapy actually uses low levels of heat that do not hurt or burn the skin. Unlike tanning booths, Red Light Therapy will not expose skin to damaging UV rays. But does that mean it’s not harmful at all? We’ve got answers for you.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is an effective therapy with no known side effects and when used consistently with a therapeutic dose, will deliver many benefits.  In fact, hundreds of published research studies have shown that certain wavelengths of red and infra-red light provide incredible health and slimming benefits to our bodies. 

At ABLE Chiropractic, we take the use of this technology seriously and have developed a specific methodology to administer red light therapy effectively, ensuring maximum benefits for our patients. But beyond that, for red light therapy to be effective, the treatment must meet certain parameters.

Administering Red Light Therapy to Be Effective

While red light therapy isn’t inherently harmful, it can be ineffective or a total waste of your money and time if not administered properly.

Most places that offer red light therapy do not know about the frequency level and therapeutic dose necessary to administer it properly. Without that knowledge guiding their practice, red light therapy will have no impact on the results you’re hoping to see. For example, gyms claiming to offer “Red Light Therapy” often simply use a red colored halogen bulb rather than the needed photonic light that penetrates deep into the body’s tissue.

Similarly, without the direct knowledge and practice of administering red light therapy and knowing how to apply it in every unique scenario to achieve its maximum benefits, you’re simply not going to experience the optimum results it can offer.

Red light therapy on its own is not nearly as effective as incorporating it into a holistic approach. At ABLE Chiropractic we’ve designed a unique and comprehensive protocol to leverage the benefits of red light therapy, vibration therapy, and 3-D scanning to show you results in 4 sessions. This protocol is based on almost two decades of knowledge building and experience to achieve maximum benefits to patients and to always be addressing the entire situation, not just get someone to try a treatment.

So there you have it—Red Light Therapy is more than just a passing trend; it’s backed by science and has the potential to revolutionize your health journey. From boosting your metabolism and breaking down stubborn fat to improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation, the benefits are nothing short of impressive. To learn about how red light therapy can start improving your life in as little as 10 days, schedule a no-risk consultation with our team today.