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A.B.L.E Lifestyle

A.B.L.E Lifestyle

Is about freeing yourself from pain, getting and staying at a healthy weight, getting into the best shape physically and mentlly, and truely living the life you have worked so hard for, dreamt of and DESERVE!

The only goal is to be better tomorrow.

ABLE Lifestyle is for people that are in pain, out of shape, overweight, and want to start down the road to a better life, but want to use simple, effective and measurable techniques that will bring you to a place you never thought possible. Close your eyes for a minute and DREAM. What would that look like?
Let me dive deeper and help you see the possibility that lies before you!

“Life unveils something special for those who dare to dream”
Some people dream and then some people get up in the morning and make it happen. ABLE Lifestyle will show you how to do both.

Have you heard of the Pratos Law which references the 80/20 rule?  Many people think it is a law that states that 80% of the time you should do things correctly and  20% you can do things incorrectly.  The truth is, it’s a highly researched law that says 20% of your actions will create 80% of your results.

Here’s an example: 20% of the things you are doing to create good health are giving you your biggest (80%) portion of results.  If you are not happy with the results, you need to reconsider the things you are doing. I call these impact Actions: 20 % Action rule= Actions that will give us 80% results or the biggest possible results.

Impedeing actions that block, curb, delay, slow down and freeze results.
2 strategies – spend more time focusing on the 20% actions
-find more impact actions
Identify the 80% actions that are giving you minimal results, you can reduce time spent on doing them.  The starting point is to ask HOW CAN I Thing better, move better, fuel better?

The Sweet Spot

My specific strategy that I call the ABLE Lifestyle is to find biohacks in 3 categories (Think Better- Move Better and Fuel better) that:
-bring you joy and pleasure
-are proven to give massive results
– are right for you and your lifestyle

Sweet spot- Look for things that will hit the sweetspot and give you results in all 3 categories.

Want to know more about the A.B.L.E Lifestyle? 

Learn how to free yourself from pain, reach a healthy weight, and achieve your best physical and mental state with Dr. Brian Smith’s new book: The ABLE Lifestyle: The Simple Step-by-Step Path to Pain Relief, Weight Loss and Exceptional Health. 

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ABLE Lifestyle is my journey to being and staying in the shape of my life- feeling good and enjoying the process, while keeping it simple. On a daily basis I study, learn, and research methods and technology (old and new) that I can incorporate into my life and others to give maximum results.

The 3 rules are:
#1 its got to be easy
#2 its got to give maximum results
#3 its got to be natural, safe and fun.

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