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ABLE Lifestyle

ABLE Lifestyle

Close your eyes for a minute and dream of the life you’d like to be living. Now imagine how you’re going to get there.

Was the first image very clear and the second not clear at all?

That’s where the ABLE Lifestyle comes in.

The ABLE Lifestyle is for people who are in pain, overweight, and struggling to make any changes to better their life, have lasting outcomes.

The ABLE Lifestyle is a methodology and practice developed by Dr. Brian Smith that is the foundation for every treatment and plan developed at ABLE Chiropractic. It focuses on using chiropractic techniques in simple, effective, and measurable practices that move you closer to your dream every single day.

Free yourself from pain.
Get to and stay at a healthy weight.
Improve mental fitness.
Live a life of truly exceptional health.

The Sweet Spot

The specific strategy at the core of the ABLE Lifestyle is to find biohacks in 3 key categories: Think Better, Move Better, and Fuel Better. Then we identify your specific “sweet spots” – those areas unique to each individual that:

– are proven to give massive results
– bring the most joy and pleasure
– are right for you and your lifestyle

Want to know more about how the ABLE Lifestyle can change your health and your life? 

Learn how to free yourself from pain, reach a healthy weight, and achieve your best physical and mental state with Dr. Brian Smith’s book: The ABLE Lifestyle: The Simple Step-by-Step Path to Pain Relief, Weight Loss, and Exceptional Health. 

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ABLE Lifestyle is my journey to getting and staying in the best shape of my life, feeling good and enjoying the process, while keeping it simple. On a daily basis I study, learn, and research methods and technologies that I can incorporate into my life, and others’ lives to give maximum results based on 3 simple rules:

#1 – it’s got to be easy
#2 – it’s got to give maximum results
#3 – it’s got to be natural, safe and fun.

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