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Red Light Therapy (RLT)

The Right Treatment Makes All the Difference

Red light therapy works at the cellular level. Photons of red and near-infrared light are absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells producing powerful regenerative effects in the body.


Increased energy aids in boosting metabolism and the efficient breakdown of stored fat, promoting a more sculpted physique


Stimulates cellular activity and mitochondrial function aiding weight loss by increasing calorie expenditure and fat utilization


RLT is safe, non-invasive, and uses no chemicals to produce its outcomes. It’s also painless, lacks any negative side effects, and many experience immediate mood enhancements. 


RLT harnesses the natural healing and rejuvenating benefits of a specific range of light and delivers this targeted energy at a higher rate than the sun, without any harmful UV rays.

Start your journey to a better you, today, with a customized treatment protocol.


Clinically-Proven Health Benefits

Red light therapy has been studied extensively and there’s a wealth of clinical research that proves numerous health benefits.

• Boosts metabolism to aid in weight loss

• Diminishes age spots, fine lines, & wrinkles

• Stimulates production of collagen and elastin

• Enhances mood, cognitive function, & mental clarity

• Non-invasive approach to effectively shape the body

• Speeds muscle recovery to boost  performance

• Reduces joint pain & inflammation

• Speeds healing of wounds & injuries

• Facilitates efficient breakdown of stored fat

• Boosts natural melatonin & promotes healthy sleep

• Increases testosterone production in men

• Increases blood circulation and cellular activity

Red Light Therapy at A.B.L.E. Chiropractic

We offer the greatest power, size, convenience, and efficiency in red light therapy. The medical-grade LEDs deliver consistent dosages with the most clinically-proven effective wavelengths of natural, healing light.

This treatment is customized to individual care protocol needs starting with a personalized assessment to start and then at targeted intervals during treatment to ensure you’re on track.


What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been dealing with back pain for several months. It was so bad that if I stood in place for fifteen minutes, or decided to go for a walk, my back would be killing me.
It’s only been a few weeks of red light therapy, and this last weekend, I was able to stand in my kitchen for over an hour with no pain!


My foot was constantly flaring up with a case of gout and nothing seemed to work.
Usually, my doctor just puts me on meds and tells me it’ll get over within a few days.
We tried HILT and red light therapy on it just once, and within a day, the pain was totally gone! Thank you ABLE Chiropractic!


I’m a hockey player and got a knee to the thigh during a game. I thought I had broken my femur. I did my first treatment of RLT on a Friday, and within a few hours, the pain was noticeably less, I could walk up and down stairs (before I was crawling). It’s a huge lifesaver and I’m so thankful!


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