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High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)

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When bending down to tie your shoe gets tough, and walking up the stairs becomes nearly impossible, you need a solution to your pain. Unfortunately, many doctors pass off chronic pain as untreatable.

Not us. We are proud to say that we’ve worked hard to design a therapy that finally addresses the root cause of chronic pain. The form of High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) utilized at our clinic is the result of years of research, advancements, and innovations. Our treatment protocols using HILT are unmatched in pain treatment therapy.

Using our techniques, we have seen an 80% success rate in improving function and significantly decreasing chronic pain symptoms for patients experiencing:

– Knee and leg pain
– Foot pain and plantar fascitis
– Neck and back pain
– Shoulder and arm pain

If you’ve been told you’re out of options, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion. Let us help you take the first steps to winning your fight against chronic pain.

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Benefits of High Intensity Laser Therapy

Relieves Pain

HILT increases the production of your body’s natural pain-killing chemicals- endorphins and enkephalins.

Softens Scar Tissue

HILT can soften existing scar tissue and reduce the formation of new scar tissue to help regain movement and mobility in the body.

Improves Nerve Function

HILT accelerates nerve cell regeneration and improves the communication between the nerves and the brain.

Speeds Tissue Repair & Cell Growth

HILT can jump start DNA and RNA to repair the inside of cells. Cells of cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles heal faster when exposed to the laser light.

Resets Chronic Pain Cycle

HILT can suppress the nerve signals that transmit the sensation of pain to the brain.

Improves Blood Flow

HILT increases blood flow, enabling the body to deliver more oxygen and other vital nutrients to speed the healing process in damaged tissue.

Minimizes Swelling

HILT provides an anti-inflammatory effect to swelling that is common after trauma, stress, overuse, or systemic conditions.


HILT is a safe, effective, FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option has no known side effects.

HIIT delivers a healing light energy to the cells of the body by penetrating bone, soft tissue, and muscle. HILT can reduce pain, minimize swelling, soften scar tissue, and even reset the chronic pain cycle of the body- ALL while healing damaged tissue at a cellular level.

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