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Many patients, especially as they reach 50 years of age, are told they have limited options other than surgery or medications to find pain relief.

We’ve been proving for 20 years that simply isn’t true.

Our compassionate chiropractic care and cutting-edge therapies are meticulously crafted to offer advanced pain relief and holistic bodily repair for individuals aged 50 and beyond experiencing:

Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Back Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Leg Pain
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder Pain
And More…
A woman experiencing pain before a whole body vibration session helps.

Just $47 to start your pain-free life!

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Incredible Pain Relief

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of suffering as our advanced therapies target the root cause of your pain, providing swift and lasting relief, to rebuild your life one pain-free day at a time.


Accelerated Healing

Our state-of-the-art therapies stimulate cellular regeneration, exactly what’s needed to promote faster tissue repair and recovery to accelerate your body’s natural healing processes. 


Reclaimed Vitality

Our holistic approach to wellness revitalizes your body, mind, and spirit, infusing you with renewed vitality and vigor, ready to embrace a life filled with vitality, joy, and limitless possibilities.

100% Natural, Effective Pain Relief

Are you tired of being held back by pain, yearning for a vibrant, revitalized life? ABLE Chiropractic invites you to experience a profound transformation with our revolutionary therapies.

For 20 years, we’ve debunked the notion that surgery or medications are the only options for pain relief, especially for those over 50. Through compassionate chiropractic care and state-of-the-art therapies, we offer advanced pain relief and holistic bodily repair tailored for individuals aged 50 and beyond.

But we think it’s better hearing that from some patients who once stood where you are now, and chose a proven path to recovery and their best health.

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Client Experiences After a Discovery Visit

I had done physical therapy and gotten shots in my knee, but it just wasn’t enough, my knee still hurt and was uncomfortable. Then I met Dr. Brian and learned all about HIIT and PEMF and a magical combination of therapies. After one treatment, I could sleep with my knees together and they didn’t hurt. After more treatments, I’m back to daily walks and my life has improved immeasurably!


I was told I had bone-on-bone in my hip and every doctor I saw wanted to do a hip replacement and told me there was no other option. We found Dr. Brian and after my 7th treatment, I noticed driving home how amazing my hip felt, I slept through the night for the first time in years, and then woke up with no pain in my hip. Because of ABLE Chiropractic I’m avoiding a hip replacement and healing my body naturally!


After a car accident from 4 years ago, I’ve continued to have issues as well as neuro-spine surgery that didn’t give me the resulted I’d hoped for. I ended up with a major limp, but after just 10 treatments at ABLE Chiropractic, my life has turned around. I wasn’t expecting anything to help me, and I can’t express the relief I began to feel after even just the first visit. If this worked for me, it will work for you!


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