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What is that nasty pain going from your lower back area, down into your leg?

It is called SCIATICA.  It comes from the sciatic nerve.  It can even cause one or both of your feet to start to feel numb.  Numbing is even worse than pain, as at least with pain, you are still having a sensation.

Numbing is LOSING the ability to feel.

That is very serious! What triggered this nerve to “act up”?
  Without question, it is something going on with the spine in that area.

The sciatic nerve starts in the spine.

If the spine is out of alignment, or there is a problem with the disc in that area, it can trigger sciatic pain.

Who are the spine experts?

Chiropractors! Before you consider continuing to live on with the pain, (which isn’t just ignoring the problem, but allowing the pain and symptoms to progressively get worse), check out how thousands upon thousands of people before you have already corrected their sciatic pain. And they have done so, without any of the harmful and possibly permanent effects of drugs or surgery.

The most natural, non-invasive and conservative thing to do, would be to get your spine checked and correct what is putting the pressure on your sciatic nerve in the first place.

Alleviate that, and you will allow your body to get better and heal, naturally.

Remember, chiropractors help people without drugs and surgery. So find out about it for yourself before you have another round of pain and before your condition worsens.

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