The 5 Essentials (Classes)

Essential 1: Maximized Mind

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Changing your vantage point will help you begin to see life more clearly and handle stress much differently than before.

Some of the Maximized Mind Tools:

* Time Management – “Solid Yellow Boxes”: Each important area of your life deserves specified times in a given day or throughout the week so that they may thrive. Times for fitness, “Date times,” education, fun, and activities necessary to build your resources all need focused times written in solid yellow boxes if they’re going to succeed. If it’s not written down, it won’t happen consistently.
* Discover Your Big Why: Discipline comes from knowing Why. If you have a BIG enough Why, you’re prepared to manage the how.
* Goal setting: Creating goals that have integrity require deadlines, action steps, and accountability. A goal will determine how fast you run and whether or not you get to the finish line at all.
* Self Talk: If another person talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would you still be their friend? Millions of thoughts go through your mind every hour. Are they positive or negative? Are they limiting or empowering? Change your self talk and you may very well change all that you are and are capable of accomplishing.

5 Steps to Discovering your Destiny:

1. Recognizing your value. Whether it seems like it or not, you DO matter.
2. Discovering your UTP: Unique Talent Proposition. Discover your natural talent. There’s something you’re better at than the next 10,000 people.
3. Find a higher purpose. The definition of a purpose is the object or reason for which you exist. A higher purpose is when that object or reason serves others and makes the world a better place.
4. Create a personal value system. Identify the core values of your purpose. Upholding your personal value system will cause you to manage your affairs with integrity.
5. Dismiss the results and the reactions. Do not allow mistakes, challenges, or setbacks to knock you off course – allow them to make you stronger, teach you, and even fuel the fire!

Essential 2: Maximized Nerve Supply

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Look well to the spine as the cause of disease.
-Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine

Our health depends most on the stability and performance of our central nervous system. Thinking of this significant and intricate system intertwined within our body as a power supply of life we are able to visibly see the significance of keeping our spinal cord and nerves in optimal shape. The second essential to Maximized Living is concerned with maximizing nerve supply so as to maximize the power supply of life within your body!

The brain is effectively the first organ to develop while in the mother’s womb. Our brain is the main command center for the rest of our body, and uses our spinal cord and nerves from the beginning to create every cell and organ. From development onto death, this command center is in charge of the flow of “power” along the spine and through the nervous system, controlling all function and healing within the body. Therefore, attaining overall health and wellness is directly associated to maximizing your nerve supply.

The intricacy of the nervous system is so powerful and subtle that it is able to control millions of cells inside dozens of operating systems all at once. Right now you are currently breathing, your heart is beating and your eyes are blinking, all while sustaining feeling and keeping pace within your limbs. All of these individual operations are done without effort and sometimes unknowingly due to your nervous systems ability to manage and regulate your body’s function. While your body may be able to go days without water, weeks without food, and even minutes without oxygen, it cannot keep going one second without the power created by your nervous system!

The nervous system is so essential to your body that it is covered within a well-built, bony structure to keep damaging elements away from the sensitive nerves. This bony structure consists of the skull, which guards the upper brain, and the spinal column, which shelters the spinal cord and nerve roots. When this column is not well taken care of, it may shift or rotate out of place, interfering with your body’s ability to create maximum nerve supply! The condition of your spine then influences both your physical and mental health–making it essential to optimal performance. Developments in modern medicine have allowed chiropractors the capability to make defined measurements of the spine, giving them the resources to make an precise measurement of both the damage done to your spine and nervous system, as well as the accurate recommendations for care.

Essential 3: Maximized Quality Nutrition

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Did you know that every cell in your body is made up of what you ingest?

The Second Essential of Maximized Living is all about maximizing your nerve supply so as to make your brain and spinal cord work and perform in unison and at optimal levels. Without the central nervous system, our body could not survive given its lack of “power supply”. So, what exactly can we do to make sure our body’s life supply is running on high? Maximize the quality of your nutrients!

The Third Essential of Maximized Living operates to efficiently run the numerous and intricate operating systems that comprise your complex body. Nutrition is the only way to offer fuel to the trillions of cells that control our heart beat, our oxygen intake, our digestive tract, and much more.

Most American’s run their bodies on convenient, processed, and chemical enriched foods. Due to the fast paced world we live in, most consumers believe it is easier to visit their local McDonalds or Burger King to partake in a greasy helping of chemicals and preservatives. Our bodies were not created to run off of French fries and Krispy Kreme donuts, and this new diet of convenience is posing a serious threat to healthy cell life!

It doesn’t stop there either. Essentially, we are what we ingest, and the sugary colas, coffee drinks, and artificial “juices” are just as bad as the newest, fatty burger creation from the fast food joint down the street. Dousing your organs and cells with these beverages is not allowing them to properly function and attain optimal operations. If a fish cannot survive in a bowl filled with those types of beverages, what makes you think your cells can?

Eliminating or reducing fatty processed foods and replacing them with whole foods rich in nutrients is one way to ensure cell performance and survival. Also, adding supplements to your diet will help to encourage healthy cell production, and maintain optimal body performance. Just think, your body is essentially a divine mix of chemical reactions. When you begin to dump foreign chemicals into your body, the results could be explosive. To maximize your potential, become educated on what you’re putting in your body!

Essential 4: Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle

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The best method for intake, usage and storage of oxygen is through movement and the best method for movement is exercise!

Oxygen is one of the most essential elements that you need to intake for survival. If you take in low levels of oxygen, you enable your body to accumulate toxins, develop disease and possibly cause early cell death! Are you starting to understand how all of these 5 Essentials work together?

Not only does exercise optimize your oxygen intake, it also helps your body to produce muscle. Many poor health conditions, symptoms, of illnesses and diseases are caused by a body with a low-muscle-to-high-fat ratio. A good way to measure your lean muscle density compared to your fat tissue is through a BMI analysis. While there is a minimum level of fat that each of us needs in order to stay healthy, the more muscle and the less extra fat that you have, the healthier you are.

Essential 5: Minimized Toxins

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Minimizing your exposure to toxins means minimizing your use of drugs, other similar toxins and surgery.

In our current day and age, obtaining — and maintaining — your best overall health can be a challenge. Being able to avoid suffering from various diseases, as well as taking drugs to prevent them, does not mean that you are healthy.

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with commercials and brochures that describe to us all of the wonders of modern medicine, but the real wonder is that consumers don’t question what drugs they are willingly putting into their bodies. It is the goal of Maximized Living to help you acknowledge the constant invasion of toxic substances and poisonous build-up in your body. If you choose to ignore these toxins and continue to live blindly, it will be impossible to avoid the disease onslaught that this new millennium is providing – not preventing.

It is a popular concept in our society to think that poor nutrition, stress or lack of exercise are the only factors that interfere with your overall health and well-being, but did you know that your spine also plays a crucial part in health and your overall body function?

While the body can go days without water, weeks without food, and minutes without oxygen, it cannot last even one second without power. That power is your nerve supply. Your spine must function correctly so that it can send signals to every nerve in every cell and every organ in your body. This means that your spine is truly your lifeline. All real wellness is ultimately dependent on your spine and your nervous system’s ability to provide maximum nerve supply.

Did you know that next to the stomach, the spine is the most regularly abused part of the body? The most common way to interfere with maximum nerve supply is for the spine to become damaged or to shift or rotate out of place. This interference is a major underlying cause of poor physical and emotional health or sub-par performance. Determining how well your spine is positioned and how well it is performing is a major factor in determining whether or not your body is producing either a state of health or a state of disease.

By minimizing your exposure to toxins, you are keeping your body free from the unknown risks that are associated with trying to cover up symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, nausea, and depression. American’s today are developing more life threatening diseases than ever before. Heart disease, cancer, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s victims are at an all time high. This, in correlation with the staggering numbers of children falling victim to Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, and serious heart conditions are calling the nation’s attention to the possible causes for the spike in diagnosis and the lack of preventative treatment. Asthma, depression, acid reflux, thyroid failure, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue have also begun to pop up mysteriously in ghastly numbers.

Your overall health – whether it is functioning or healing – is controlled by your nerve supply which is directly related to your spine.