Vibratory Platform

The Most Functional and Durable Vibration Platform in the World.

There are numerous ways how our customers have been improving themselves and benefiting from the vibration platform by using the VibePlateĀ®. Ā 

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is used everyday for vibration therapy, vibration exercise, sports performance, fitness, rehabilitation, active aging and improving quality of life.

Vesta Alkalized Water

For centuries, explorers from around the globe have searched for magical water.

A curative spring, the fountain of youth; where pure and refreshing water could make the body healthy.

The Alkaviva Vesta Ionized Water Machine is now the highest end and Best quality Machine.

With the most advanced features and technology available on the planet, and backed by Emco Tech durability and performance, the Vesta GL will provide you with YEARS of the best tasting, energized, and alkalized water available.

Vesta ionized water is rich in healthy minerals, purged of impurities and ionized through electrolysis to give super hydrating, great tasting, alkaline and antioxidant water that will make you look and feel young again!

Our water is sold by the gallon in our clinic in Apple Valley, MN.