If you knew what Ketosis was doing for your brain, you wouldn’t care if you lost a single pound!

Scientists have been researching the effects of nutritional ketosis for hundreds of years. There are countless studies that have shown proven benefits, such as weight loss, increased focus, decrease in inflammation, and better digestion. But if you knew what nutritional ketosis can do for your brain, you wouldn’t ever care if you didn’t lose a single pound. You would make sure everyone you knew was taking advantage of ketones.

According to an article published by Scientific American titled, The fat-fueled brain: unnatural or advantageous, by Shelly Fan, the human brain derives energy from ketones, which has been shown to be protective against a variety of brain diseases. How is this possible, you may ask? There are a few answers. For one, ketones are a more efficient fuel source than glucose, providing more energy per unit of oxygen used. Ketosis also increases the amount of mitochondria, also know as “energy factories” in brain cells. “With increased energy reserve, neurons may be able to ward off disease stressors that would usually exhaust and kill the cell,” according to Fan.

After much research, all of the molecular changes that occur when your body is in ketosis suggest that nutritional ketosis is protective against brain injury. In a study with 23 elderly with mild cognitive impairment showed that ketosis improved verbal memory performance after 6 weeks. Another study with 152 patients with mild-to moderate Alzheimer’s disease were randomly given either a ketogenic agent or a placebo. After 90 days, the patients who received the ketones showed marked cognitive improvement compared to those who received the placebo. One more study in 7 patients with Parkinson’s disease, those who were in ketosis for 28 days showed marked reduction in their physical symptoms. Along with these studies, there are numerous studies in the works that are showing the benefits of nutritional ketones, specifically on the brain. Ketones allow for synergistic effects between your brain and your body.

Furthermore, if ketones are proven to provide Neuroprotection and overall better fuel source for your brain and body,¬†wouldn’t you want to know the most efficient way to get them into you and your loved ones?

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