Why Should I Add Healthy Fats and Ketones? I’m Already Eating Clean!

Before we talk about the philosophy  of the  ABLE Lifestyle and the benefits of ketogenic lifestyle and all the wonderful benefits that can be achieved when we use fat for fuel, lets take a look at the standard American diet. (S.A.D)

Most people are going to tell me, “Dr. Brian I already eat pretty well.”  I know my question is can it be BETTER? One thing that should be determined is: are you a fat burner or a fat storer? If you are a fat burner you may already be living the ketogenic lifestyle. But if you answered fat storer you’re probably like almost all Americans, even that 20% that’s not overweight. Your body is burning sugar and storing fat.

  Why? After we consume carbohydrates, or even too much protein, the glucose levels in our blood increases. So many things in the S.A.D. contain too much sugar. Most often when we eat, our blood sugar rises very quickly and our cells overflow with glucose. This increase glucose forms a tar like substance known as AGEs or advanced glycated end products. The excessive ingestion of carbohydrates is a major cause of inflammation and a major cause of coronary artery disease, type II diabetes and cancer.

The majority of excess carbohydrates including both starches and sugar are stored as fat. 

 It actually turns the fat burning switch off and you might say it puts a giant padlock on it, which requires a giant crowbar to break open to turn it back on. Let me note here that all those lovely yogurts you find in the grocery store, even that wholesome Greek yogurt, is usually packed with sugar. It’s important to look at the label. In order to throw that fat burning switch that has been padlocked in the off position, one will need to limit daily carbohydrate consumption initially.

Carbohydrates, whether in the form of a simple sugar or a starch such as rice or pasta, are eventually broken down by the digestive tract into glucose. Any glucose that the body does not need will be stored in the liver and in the muscles in the form of glycogen. Once the liver and muscles reach their capacity for storing glycogen, any excess glucose is now converted into fat and stored in fat cells with an unlimited capacity for storage, intended for later use. 

Insulin is a hormone that is manufactured by the pancreas and it is necessary for cells to utilize glucose. The ingestion of excess carbohydrates causes the levels of insulin production to go sky high, flooding the bloodstream with this hormone, which is not a good thing. High levels of insulin are actually toxic. High levels of insulin can cause cellular damage, and it is the gateway for so many other inflammatory issues including nerve damage, pain, tingling, inflammation of the eyes, and loss of vision.  At some point, insulin will no longer be effective in removing glucose from the bloodstream. At this point one has what is known as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. What will follow is type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and many more debilitating chronic illnesses.

 Years  of eating the S.A.D. our cells stop responding to insulin. At this point in life people are on multiple prescription medications and ever so hoping for the cure in the form of another pill. Pills can temporarily alter physiology and be lifesaving in emergency situations, but they are never a healing tool for the body. When you have reached this point not only does insulin resistant block glucose from entering the cells of your body, but also your cells will be coated with a thick crust that now blocks amino acids from entering them. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are used to rebuild the many tissues in our bodies. They are especially important in building and maintaining our muscles. But now since your body cannot utilize sugar, your muscles become a food source. Yes, your muscles begin to be broken down by your own body that is literally starving. And the results are catastrophic to your health. You lose muscle tissue and gain fat. Now, instead of feeling energetic after you eat, you feel more tired and crave even more carbohydrates. So now you have less muscle, which makes it too difficult to exercise and thus, this vicious cycle of declining continues.

Now if that’s not the least of your problems, everything that your body has gone through, the actual nature of the standard American diet causes your thyroid gland, the gland responsible for all metabolic processes of every single cell in your body, has become quite dysfunctional. When the liver becomes insulin resistant it can no longer convert the thyroid hormone T4 into the active form known has T3, thus compounding your low energy and ridiculously slow metabolism.

The bad news is that there exists not a single pill, “as seen on TV’ drug to help you. The good news is that there is plenty that you can do for yourself by educating yourself about the ABLE lifestyle, Healing diets, Ketones and Ketosis.

Yes, eating healthy fats. One literally cannot live without cholesterol. It makes up a huge part of our brain and our nerve tissues. It is in abundance in the surrounding of our cells known as our bi-lipid cell membranes. Cholesterol is a superb repair substance and it is an essential ingredient for hormone production and hormone function.

Commonly an elevated cholesterol level is telling us that our body is dealing with inflammation. High cholesterol and inflammation are present in a low functioning thyroid and also commonly lead to disease processes below in the picture of inflammation.

So where do I start.  The easiest way is just that.  Just start!

1) Reduce carbs in half.

      Sugary drinks

      bread, pasta and rice

      Processed snacks (chips, crackers, pretzels, ect)

2) Add healthy Fats

     Avocados, raw nuts, coconut oils and products, ect

     See photo above and research

3) Add Pure Therapeutic Ketones- not only do the decrease inflammation, but they assist your body in becoming Keto adaptive – which leads to being more efficient at being a FAT BURNER 

The ABLE Lifestyle simply is finding ways to Fuel better Move better and Think better

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