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Why Should I Add Healthy Fats and Ketones? I’m Already Eating Clean!

Before we talk about the philosophy  of the  ABLE Lifestyle and the benefits of ketogenic lifestyle and all the wonderful benefits that can be achieved when we use fat for fuel, lets take a look at the standard American diet. (S.A.D) Most people are going to tell me, “Dr. Brian I already eat pretty well.”  I know my question is can it be BETTER? One thing that should be determined is: are you a fat burner or a fat storer? If you are a fat burner you may already be living the ketogenic lifestyle. But if you answered fat storer you’re probably

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If you knew what Ketosis was doing for your brain, you wouldn’t care if you lost a single pound!

Scientists have been researching the effects of nutritional ketosis for hundreds of years. There are countless studies that have shown proven benefits, such as weight loss, increased focus, decrease in inflammation, and better digestion. But if you knew what nutritional ketosis can do for your brain, you wouldn’t ever care if you didn’t lose a single pound. You would make sure everyone you knew was taking advantage of ketones. According to an article published by Scientific American titled, The fat-fueled brain: unnatural or advantageous, by Shelly Fan, the human brain derives energy from ketones, which has been shown to be

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